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La Mancomunidad
Social emergency
The Social emergency programme aims to establish a system of individualized, non-recurrent way normalized throughout Mancomunidad, aid aimed at supporting financially or in kind, people who have a timely and outstanding position of need may not be faced with their resources, so that the aid will contribute to prevent serious deterioration of the situation and facilitate you to overcome the crisis in which it is located.

It consists of the management, allocation and monitoring of economic aid or in kind in the event of a short-term need for a family unit and also are used as a complementary intervention support resource in primary Social care social services programs aimed at providing technical support and that encourage interventions, taking into account the complementary nature of the provision.


1 Deal with non-chronic family or personal crises, that from a short-term intervention can help improve or normalize family or social life.

2 Support and meet situations of need through the granting of economic aid and/or in kind to cover expenses and/or needs essential or urgent that cannot be covered by other public agencies or social service programs.